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Who or what is DashDesigner?

DashDesigner is more or less me, Tanya Dashevsky. Sometimes I work independently, other times I collaborate with people with complementary skill sets. When a project scope is very large, I work as part of a big team. I enjoy all of these working modes equally.

goals vs. widgets

The best cost-saving measure is to have clarity about one's goals before taking out the hammer. After some introspection, the hammer may not be necessary. From my experience, candid dialogue about goals often takes place mid-project. Shifting priorities are often unavoidable, but they are also costly. Having clarity about ones goals is easier in theory than it is in practice, but it's a worth-while aim.

the Client-designer relationship

The word 'partnership' is thrown around a lot in business lexicon. However, despite overuse of the word, the saying is very true for the client-designer relationship. Since the client is investing hard earned capital, and the designer is investing time and credibility, the success of their project is equally vital to both parties.

A designer's experience

Experience is won by years of sweating out agressive deadlines usually lacking much-needed resources. Often the most valuable resource for a project is adequate time, and there never seems to be enough of it. An experienced designer works smarter and faster than her less experienced counterpart and avoids making previous mistakes. Experience means that after all the deadlines, sweating, and worrying, the designer still looks forward to the next project. Because next time, it may even be more interesting.

When the going gets tough the tough get funny

I know I'm part of a great team when, the closer we get to a deadline, the funnier we become. A sense of humor may be one of the most important tools in a designer's arsenal. (Sorry, pun intended)

the designer assembly line

Otherwise known as "Doing Production Work," I got an insider's perspective on how large projects are planned, produced and launched from cradle to grave. In addition to learning industry-standard work flow processes, I also learned the indispensable skill of getting along with large, diverse groups of people.

The Adage about hard work holds true

I wish there was an easier way to go about it, but hard work and challenging parameters do build character. These kinds of experiences establish a person's ability not only to function effectively under pressure, but also to empathize with others. This can make him/her a more effective designer (and often creates unusual coping strategies, but I'll save this topic for my blog.)

The politics behind great design

In the communications industry, establishing a balance between chutzpah [pronounced ho͝ots-pah] and compromise is a carefully honed skill. In order to thrive as a designer and as a person, both attributes are needed in the right proportion at the right time. It's a life-long challenge.

The   Secret   Ingredients


I'm an award-winning designer and illustrator (check out my illustration work here.) I'm passionate about creating arresting, beautiful and strategic design solutions. Along with heading up DashDesigner, for many years I taught design courses at Stern College / Yeshiva University as an adjunct professor. I also taught design courses at the New York Botanical Garden to students enrolled in the NYBG Landscape Design program. In addition, I gave a typography lecture at Parson's School of Design. I believe that getting creative means 'working smart' and finding ways to help you save money.